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Fundamentals of Counseling in Offenders

This course offers a review and practice of the fundamentals of counseling interventions in individuals under criminal justice supervision.  This course is intended for addiction treatment and mental health clinicians and treatment practitioners; frontline correctional staff in community, probation, and prison settings; and criminal justice policymakers and administrators.  This comprehensive course covers counseling and intervention methods for a broad group of offenders, both adult and juvenile, with separate attention given to gender-specific and trauma-informed strategies. The training is focused on assessment issues, major theoretical approaches to correctional counseling (person-centered techniques, operant conditioning, role modeling of pro-social behavior, and cognitive therapy), group therapy modalities, and effective correctional counseling strategies.

Course Outcomes

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

Understand the specifics of counseling in offenders and individuals under criminal justice supervision;
Make a proper determination about the type and intensity of counseling interventions for different sub-types of clients based on the assessment findings;
Practically apply skills in offender counseling;
Blend the newly learned skills into other activities.