Motivational Interviewing with the justice involved - Introductory

Course Description

Motivational Interviewing helps people find their own reasons for change and helps them think differently about their choices. This course is designed to introduce the major principles, processes and techniques of Motivational Interviewing as a counseling style. Attendees will participate in a variety of group activities, role-plays, video demonstrations and video simulations of encounters with clients. Particular attention will be paid to application of the MI strategies in clients with substance use issues and criminal involvement. Participants will receive supportive feedback to assist them in immediate implementation of Motivational Interviewing into their practice.

Course Outcomes

After completing this course:

  • Understand the differences between client-centered approaches and more traditional methods in counseling;
  • Get a clear understanding of MI as a method, a set of skills and techniques, and ways to apply them;
  • Understand the rationale for using different skills at different fundamental processes of counseling (engagement - focusing - evoking - planning);
  • Understand the need for further practical learning and skill refinement.  

Course Length: 6 hours

Location: Second Chance Training Institute, 6145 Imperial Avenue, San Diego 92114

Maximum Training Size: 30

Course Materials: Sent electronically following registration

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