superior court Judges and Judicial Staff
Dealing with offenders with substance use disorders

Course Description

This course is designed for judges, commissioners and judicial practitioners working with offenders with substance use disorders. Participants will receive information on the most recent science on the nature of substance use, development of substance use disorders, and the relationship between substance use and delinquent and criminal behavior. Additionally, the course will review specific treatment interventions for substance involved offenders. 

Course Outcomes

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate the science on the relationship between substance use and criminality;
  • Apply the knowledge into pragmatics of judicial decision making;
  • Blend effective sentencing and therapeutic interventions with the goal of recidivism reduction;
  • Design a long term supervision strategy for adult and juvenile offenders with various degrees of drug involvement.

Course Length: 6 Hours

Location: Second Chance Training Institute, 6145 Imperial Avenue, San Diego 92114

Maximum Training Size: 10 

Course Materials: Sent electronically following registration

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